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The ACAJ offers access to valuable international networks, professional development opportunities and opportunities to explore global agricultural issues through its affiliation with the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists (IFAJ).

About the IFAJ

The IFAJ is a federation of national associations of rural journalists and communication specialists. Its growing membership covers more than 40 countries. Each member country is represented by a national delegate who serves on the international executive.

IFAJ members include writers, broadcasters, photographers and designers, public relations professionals, marketers and communicators working in all agricultural communications media.

An individual automatically becomes a member of the IFAJ when they join a national organisation affiliated with the federation. In Australia, that means becoming a member of one of the six rural media clubs affiliated with the ACAJ.

IFAJ activities include:

  • An annual Congress, hosted in a different country each year.
  • Access to networks in member countries to help source information, set up high-level briefings, arrange visits and interviews.
  • Networking and professional development opportunities.
  • An awards program recognising excellence in agricultural media, including the Star Prizes for writing and photography and the Young Leaders Award for Agricultural Journalists.
  • An internationally-recognised accreditation card which gives access to the upper echelons of agriculture and food industries and government representatives overseas, particularly in the European Union.

The IFAJ and Australia

The ACAJ has had a close involvement with the IFAJ since the 1980s when it hosted a World Congress. Australia hosted a second World Congress in 2000, which attracted delegates from around the world and resulted in significant coverage of Australian agricultural industries and issues in international media.

Australia also hosted a highly successful pre-congress tour to the 2015 New Zealand World Congress focussing on tropical agriculture, providing a unique value-added opportunity for delegates.

The ACAJ sends delegates to annual IFAJ conferences, and is represented on the IFAJ executive committee by Leigh Radford.

The ACAJ links Australia’s state rural press clubs to the IFAJ, which provides opportunities to:

  • host visitors from other national guilds affiliated with the IFAJ
  • set up briefings, interviews and farm tours for overseas media visiting Australia
  • provide Australian members with links to overseas guilds to help organise briefings, tours and interviews
  • identify opportunities for work experience or employment in other countries for traveling Australian journalists, photographers and communicators.


For more information about IFAJ visit www.ifaj.org or contact Australian IFAJ delegate Leigh Radford radford.leigh@abc.net.au